M.A. Ford Essential Business Declaration

Mar 24, 2020 -Dec 31, 2020

March 24, 2020

To our valued Distributors and End User Partners:

M.A. Ford is closely monitoring developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our priority and focus is on the health and well-being of our customers, our employees and our communities. We have received correspondence from end users that have been declared essential businesses asking that suppliers, like M.A. Ford, maintain operations for their support.  M.A. Ford considers itself classified as an “essential” business and is continuing to run production to meet our commitments to our customers. We also realize that you have a business to run and with potential disruptions in the future, we want to enable you to have access to the products, services and solutions that you have come to rely on from M.A. Ford as the situation continues to develop.


Our employees are the key to our success so their health and well-being is crucial for us. We have asked all employees to follow best practices from the CDC with respect to hand washing, sneezing and coughing, staying home when sick and self-quarantining in the event of travel outside the state. We are encouraging employees to leverage technology to connect with customers and each other.

·     Providing training and ongoing communication to all team members on proper risk mitigation practices including following CDC-approved hand hygiene, social distancing, disinfection and cleaning, and proper use of person protection equipment, including gloves

·     Continuous communication within M.A. Ford to provide guidance on precautionary measures to minimize disease spread at home and work

·     Limiting business travel to essential customer support.

Supply Chain

Our purchasing department has procured sufficient raw material inventory to sustain us through the upcoming months. They are continually reaching out to our suppliers for lead time updates and will continue to monitor. We have also contacted our major vendors to understand their contingency plans should there be a major supply chain disruption and have been assured that there should not be any interruptions.

At this point, we are focused on prevention and preparedness. We will continue to monitor guidance from the CDC, OSHA and regular news organizations.  


To Summarize- At this time, M.A. Ford does not anticipate any significant disruption in our operations.


If any additional changes to our business practices occur, you will be notified promptly.

Stay safe and as always, thank you for your past support.


Best Regards,


Christine Kuhrt