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Burs / 70SB

Solid Carbide Edge HogĀ® Bur
Cylindrical Flat End End Cut Micro Sizes

  • Solid carbide 1/4" sizes and below, brazed construction over 1/4"
  • Inch and metric sizes
  • Single, double, and fine cuts available

Product Range

Tool No. EDP Diameter (D/D1) Shank Diameter (D2) Overall Length (L1) Flute Length (L2) Specification Type of Cut Coating Shank Type
.2500 70000020E 70001 1/4 1/8 1-11/16 3/16 SB-51 Single Uncoated Straight
.2520 70000020EM 70003 6.4mm 3mm 43mm 4.8mm SB-51M Single Uncoated Straight
.2520 70000027EM 70007 6.4mm 3mm 43mm 4.8mm SB-51M-D Double Cut Uncoated Straight
.2520 70000030EM 70011 6.4mm 3mm 43mm 4.8mm SB-51M-F Fine Uncoated Straight