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End Mills / 138BN

Solid Carbide TuffCut® X-AL 3 Flute Ball Nose End Mill, Neck Relief
Designed for Extreme High Speed Machining of Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals. 3 Flute geometry promotes exceptionally smooth cutting action.
  • 3 Flute
  • Solid carbide
  • Ball nose
  • Neck Relieved
  • Uncoated, coating available upon request
  • Center cutting
  • Stub and standard flute lengths
  • 36° Helix angle
  • For roughing and finishing applications
*This series has been obsoleted as of 9/30/22.  Tools with stock will be available until the stock is depleted and cannot be returned.  Contact customer service if you require an obsolete tool as a special.


  • Non-Ferrous


  • High Efficiency Milling
  • Slotting
  • Traditional Roughing
  • Finishing
  • 3D Surfacing

Series Attributes

Product Range

Tool No. EDP Diameter (D/D1) Shank Diameter (D2) Overall Length (L1) Flute Length (L2) Neck Length (L3) Ball Radius (C) Coating Shank Type Ball Radius Dec
.0787 138B0787N5 13372 2mm 6mm 75mm 4mm 12mm 1mm Uncoated Straight .0394
.1968 138B1968N5 13378 5mm 6mm 75mm 7mm 27mm 2.5mm Uncoated Straight .0984
.2362 138B2362N5 13380 6mm 6mm 110mm 8mm 32mm 3mm Uncoated Straight .1181
.3150 138B3150N5 13382 8mm 8mm 110mm 10mm 42mm 4mm Uncoated Straight .1575
.4724 138B4724N5 13386 12mm 12mm 120mm 16mm 62mm 6mm Uncoated Straight .2362
.7500 138B75001NGP 17205 3/4 3/4 6 1-5/8 3-3/8 3/8 Gem Plus Straight .3750