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Custom Tool Division
The M.A. Ford® Custom Tool Division focuses on meeting the growing needs for unique and increasingly complex special cutting tools. By partnering with select machine tool users the Custom Tool Division develops and supplies custom engineered carbide tools of unmatched quality which meet or exceed their productivity, delivery and utilized cost expectations. Custom tools are proven to increase speeds and feeds, save setup and handling time which in turn leads to faster run times, more efficient manufacturing and and most importantly, increased profits.
To support your productivity improvement efforts, we offer the follwoing services: We offer application development, design and manufacturing expertise in the following product classifications:
  • Technical assistance in prototype custom tool design.
  • Re-engineering of existing custom tooling to optimize tool performance.
  • Tool manufacturing lead times which meet or exceed your delivery requirements.
  • Immediate response to quotation request.
  • Readily available technical phone support.
  • Field representative support service.
  • Emergency tool service.
  • Custom tools of the higest quality.
  • High Perfomance Drills
  • G-Drills
  • Step Drill Reamers
  • Coolant Thru Specials
  • Step Reamers
  • Coolant Thru Reamers
  • Custom End Mills
  • Custom Form Tools
Contact us today to increase your productivity and profits with Custom Tooling
Custom End Mill Form Custom Step Drill Form